2007 - 2008      London

Hamiltons Architects Project

Director in charge: Paul Birch


This mixed use building takes inspiration from its riverside location and the views that it would have. The river Thames is tidal and therefore the direction in which it flows changes. The interplay between these two currents results in spiralling eddies and vortexes which became one of the underlying concepts. The second is the orientation that the building would have within the urban landscape. The building is situated on the east side of the river, on a bend offering panoramic views over London. As the building twists so does its orientation which gives it a distinctive appearance from every angle.

This 140m tall building with 40 floors, houses four main functions.

      Retail - located on the ground floor, comprising boutiques and cafés.

      A banqueting hall -  a triple height space also located on the ground floor.

      Office space - from  the first floor to the 30th floors.

      120 key boutique hotel - with sky lobby and restaurant, from the 30th floor up.  



Private client 

Services Supplied

   Conceptual design

   3D modeling

   The Integration of engineering solutions with Arup

   Production of rendered images


Scope of works

This project went from feasibility through to planning.